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Candle Safety

House-warming candles, left unmanaged, can lead to dangerous fires. Candles are a great way to make a house feel like home, but if left unattended, they can have devastating effects. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, candles cause an estimated 15,600 fires in homes each year. Over half of those fires start because the candle is too close to combustible material and one in 10... Read Article

Denial, Fear and Confusion

Have you contacted anyone about your life insurance or long-term care insurance? The purpose of these policies is to provide you and your family a safety net should you become too incapacitated to stay at home, or should you die. It’s not pleasant to think about one’s mortality or incapacity, but it is a reality. Refusing to confront, or procrastinating about, the need for long-term... Read Article

Usability of Passwords

Security companies and IT people constantly tell us we should use complex and difficult passwords. However, some research has shown that simple passwords can be used more effectively. If the password is something easy to remember but multiple words, it can be more successful. The work involved in hacking passwords is pretty simple. There are five typical ways used. Asking: Amazingly, the most common way... Read Article

When On The Go…How Your Liability Insurance Follows You

Personal Liability insurance provides financial protection against legal obligations of the insured arising out of activities and conditions at the premises where the insured maintains a covered residence. The coverage also extends to personal activities of the named insured and household members anywhere in the world. You are on vacation in Europe—you’re covered; your child is on a mission trip in Mexico—you’re covered. The homeowner... Read Article

Should You Use a Property Management Company for Your Rental Properties?

Rental property is a big investment, and you want your investment to be profitable. That’s why during certain situations it may be in your best interest to hire a Property Management Company (PMC) to manage your rental property. A PMC might be helpful in the following scenarios: if you live a significant distance from your rental, if you have several properties, or if you’d simply... Read Article