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Water, Water Everywhere

To avoid swimming in damage, keep water in its place By Kim Kaercher Reprinted from Erie Sense Magazine – March 10, 2010 There’s nothing like waking up at 2 a.m. to the sound of running water. Not the relaxing sound of ocean waves or tropical waterfalls on your sound machine, but the whoosh of water pouring through your roof during a late night rainstorm. Trust... Read Article

Auto Insurance Fraud

If you have been involved in an auto accident that just didn't feel right, it might not have been an accident at all. Criminals are devising elaborate staged vehicle accidents. Their goal is to collect from insurers for fake injuries. This problem has risen to epidemic proportions and costs policyholders and insurers billions of dollars annually. Fraud can occur from the time of application by... Read Article

Tire Safety

Tire failure can result in a serious accident While tires are probably one of the most abused yet most reliable parts of your automobile, tire failure can result in a serious accident. Staying in control of a vehicle with a blown tire can be a test of driving skill, especially in a rear-tire blowout. Avoiding a blowout is sometimes impossible, but careful maintenance and observation... Read Article

334 Tornado-Related Deaths in Just One Week

In April 2011, we witnessed 312 tornadoes in one week and 226 tornadoes in just one day. These tornadoes were the cause of more than 300 fatalities, and billions of dollars in property damage. A massive tornado, nearly a mile wide, totally destroyed a small Iowa city earlier in the same month. Almost one month later, Joplin, Missouri was hit by one of 68 tornadoes... Read Article

The Coverage Gap: When Furnished a Company Vehicle

A common situation many of us find ourselves in today is the personal use of a company vehicle. When you are furnished a company vehicle, you are generally provided coverage to use that vehicle through your employer’s auto insurance policy. But your employer’s policy usually does not cover you if you then borrow or rent a vehicle to be used personally. If you also own... Read Article