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Child Booster Seats

The Institute for Highway Safety has provided a method to take much of the guesswork out of selecting the proper booster seat for your child. Seat belts are designed with adults in mind—so a child booster seat is an absolute necessity—and extra care needs to be taken when securing young children. Children usually resist wearing a seatbelt because it is uncomfortable. Boosters elevate children so... Read Article

Preparing For Winter

Wintertime and winter weather can be tremendous fun, but cold and snow can also pose danger. Slippery roads, downed power lines and tree limbs, and freezing cold temperatures all bring an added measure of suspense to our daily activities. There are simple steps you can take that will take the chill off your wintertime experience. In your car. It is not enough to throw a... Read Article

Password Protection

Internet security firm Imperva of Redwood Shores, Calif., recently analyzed 32 million passwords that were exposed in a security breach for an online company in December 2009. They not only identified the most common passwords, but also suggested effective methods for creating secure ones. The hacker in this 2009 breach only posted the members’ passwords to the Internet, and was more interested in exposing the... Read Article

Products and Completed Operations Hazard

If you manufacture, sell or distribute a product, there is a possibility that the use of the product could cause bodily injury, thus the need for product liability coverage. The example everyone thinks of is a stepladder. Next time you are at the home improvement store take a look at all the warnings that ladder manufacturers put on their product. Who really needs to be... Read Article

Rental Car Coverage

The warm weather is just around the corner, and for many of us, so is our summer vacation. Some of you will use your own vehicle and drive to your destination, while others will choose a rental vehicle for the trip, or take some other form of transportation to the destination and rent a vehicle for use while there. Whatever your situation, you need to... Read Article