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Social Host Liability

Be a Responsible Host When It Comes to Serving Alcohol at Parties Whether you are hosting a Super Bowl party or greeting the New Year with friends in your home, if you are planning to serve alcohol at any type of party it is important to take steps to limit your liquor liability and make sure you have the proper insurance. Social host liability, the... Read Article

Social Host Liability and Underage Drinking

Be a Holiday Hero Under social host liability laws, party-givers can be held responsible when minors drink. The holiday party season has officially kicked-off. Guests are ready to be dazzled and hosts are busily planning their menus and attending to every sparkling detail to make it an event to remember. Drinks will probably be served and when minors are present, things can get tricky. Under... Read Article

Control Winter Losses

Most of the time, homeowners can protect themselves from winter-related property losses by using good, old-fashioned common sense. Experts advise that we follow a few simple rules to have a more pleasant cold weather experience. Here are a few tips for preventing losses at home this winter: Have your heating system inspected to make sure it is working properly. If you use a supplemental heating... Read Article

Are Your Valuable Holiday Gifts Protected?

The holidays are over, but the presents you received should last for years to come. Whether you got the latest electronic gizmos or gadgets, jewelry or gems, computers or collectibles, furs or firearms, boats or bank notes, these are all expensive valuables that may cost a lot to replace if they are damaged, lost or stolen. Most homeowners policies typically limit how much you can... Read Article

Help! I'm Paying too Much for Car Insurance

5 Reasons Why Your Auto Insurance Rates May Seem High I hear it from drivers from all walks of life: “I’m paying too much for car insurance.” Seems we all know someone who’s paying way less, and we want to cut our own rates, too. As independent insurance agents, we can check with multiple carriers on your behalf to find out if you may indeed... Read Article