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How Condo Insurance Differs From Home Insurance

Know What You Own Before You Buy Condo Insurance Coverage A condominium is different from a house or an apartment — you own part of a building or a property, but not all of it. Insurance for condominium owners is different, too. Just like homeowners and renters, people who own a condo unit want to be insured against financial loss brought about by such dangers... Read Article

Choose an Insurance Agent in 4 Steps

It’s Not Just a Quote, It’s a Relationship Shopping for insurance? You may think you’re simply looking for an insurance policy. But, perhaps, what you’re really looking for isn’t a what but a who: Someone you can trust to guide you through the plethora of insurance choices, rather than trying to make sense of all the options yourself online. That someone is an insurance agent,... Read Article

Preventing Vehicle Theft Content provided by NHTSA and Read Article

3 Common Insurance Misconceptions

How to Avoid Surprises From Your Insurance   When it comes to insurance, there are many misconceptions floating around—too many to cover in this short article. Here are three in particular that could put you at serious financial risk: Misconception 1: “I have an umbrella policy, so I’m covered for everything.” False. Though the intent of a personal umbrella policy is to provide an additional layer of... Read Article

8 Tips for Keeping a Fire Safely in its Fireplace

Do you like having a crackling fire in the fireplace while you're watching a movie on a cold winter's night? I sure do! There's definitely something alluring about having a fireplace in your home. According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association's (HPBA) 2011 statistics, fireplace ranks second among the top features buyers seek in a home. Additionally, approximately 80% of American homes have a... Read Article