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3 Common Insurance Misconceptions

How to Avoid Surprises From Your Insurance   When it comes to insurance, there are many misconceptions floating around—too many to cover in this short article. Here are three in particular that could put you at serious financial risk: Misconception 1: “I have an umbrella policy, so I’m covered for everything.” False. Though the intent of a personal umbrella policy is to provide an additional layer of... Read Article

How to Age Gracefully With Your Parents and Plan for the Future

Have you ever read the children’s book Love You Forever, where the mother cares for her growing son until, as a grown man, the son cares for his aging mother? The story depicts a parent/child role reversal that many experience in real life. Talking about aging with parents can be difficult. But being honest about the topic is important. To help guide the conversation, here... Read Article

Identity Protection Tips for This Tax Season

Tax Time is Prime Time for Identity Theft What’s the most important number for you this tax season? The amount of your refund? The amount you owe? The number of hours spent poring over all the other numbers? All of those are pretty important. But, none of them are as important as your Social Security number (SSN), at least not in the larger scheme of... Read Article

When Sharing a Ride Can Cost You

Ridesharing and vehicle sharing services are offered in cities across the nation and the globe. Are there risks to Ohio drivers and passengers who participate? Yes, and the right insurance coverage is key. Here’s the fine print. 1. Risks to passengers There are two issues that put passengers at risk. First, rideshare drivers aren’t currently subject to the regulations that govern taxi and livery services.... Read Article

Beware of Fly-By-Night Contractors

After storms roll out, contractors often roll in, knocking on doors to offer repair and roofing services. While you may be eager to get your home back in order, exercise caution as you make your decision. Watch out: 7 warning signs The Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) advises consumers to be wary of anyone who: Uses high-pressure tactics Is not registered with Ohio’s Secretary of... Read Article