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Why Are Homeowners Rates Increasing?

The short answer: weather and shared risk. When a wave of major storms strikes Ohio, or anywhere in the U.S. for that matter, your carrier uses insurance premiums to pay claims to help customers, like you, recover. If they expect more storms, your rates increase. Ohio has been rocked with several devastating storms the past few years, from hail storms to tornadoes. Simply stated, a... Read Article

Child Booster Seats

The Institute for Highway Safety has provided a method to take much of the guesswork out of selecting the proper booster seat for your child. Seat belts are designed with adults in mind—so a child booster seat is an absolute necessity—and extra care needs to be taken when securing young children. Children usually resist wearing a seatbelt because it is uncomfortable. Boosters elevate children so... Read Article

Auto Insurance Fraud

If you have been involved in an auto accident that just didn't feel right, it might not have been an accident at all. Criminals are devising elaborate staged vehicle accidents. Their goal is to collect from insurers for fake injuries. This problem has risen to epidemic proportions and costs policyholders and insurers billions of dollars annually. Fraud can occur from the time of application by... Read Article

Tire Safety

Tire failure can result in a serious accident While tires are probably one of the most abused yet most reliable parts of your automobile, tire failure can result in a serious accident. Staying in control of a vehicle with a blown tire can be a test of driving skill, especially in a rear-tire blowout. Avoiding a blowout is sometimes impossible, but careful maintenance and observation... Read Article

Is That Trailer Covered?

We often get questions from our clients about the use of a trailer with their automobile. While it sounds simple, there is not just one answer. If you own a personal automobile and are using a trailer that is specifically designed to be towed by a private passenger vehicle, then in most cases, you do have liability coverage automatically extending from your auto policy for... Read Article