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How to Age Gracefully With Your Parents and Plan for the Future

Have you ever read the children’s book Love You Forever, where the mother cares for her growing son until, as a grown man, the son cares for his aging mother? The story depicts a parent/child role reversal that many experience in real life. Talking about aging with parents can be difficult. But being honest about the topic is important. To help guide the conversation, here... Read Article

Term Life Insurance

Life insurance policies come in a variety of forms that make it easier for applicants to custom fit the right plan for their needs. Some policies build up cash values, some give coverage for your lifetime, while others cover you for a specific number of years. Some policies let you change from one kind of life insurance to another. There are policies that even give you benefits while you are still... Read Article

Life Insurance Buyer's Guide

How to determine how much life insurance you need How much of your family income do you provide? If you die early, how much money would your survivors need for daily living? What about others who might depend on you financially or personally? Do you need to consider childcare expenses? Looking forward, how much will it cost for your child’s education? Will you need money for final expenses, such as funerals, unpaid... Read Article

Life Changing Events

Have you experienced any life changing events that require you to call us about your life insurance? Some example events that would require you to update your policy are listed below: • Marriage • Childbirth or Adoption • Changing Employment • Buying a New Home • Starting a Business • Change in Retirement • Responsibilities for Elderly Parents Make sure you reflect at least annually on your... Read Article

Denial, Fear and Confusion

Have you contacted anyone about your life insurance or long-term care insurance? The purpose of these policies is to provide you and your family a safety net should you become too incapacitated to stay at home, or should you die. It’s not pleasant to think about one’s mortality or incapacity, but it is a reality. Refusing to confront, or procrastinating about, the need for long-term... Read Article