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Social Host Liability and Underage Drinking

Be a Holiday Hero Under social host liability laws, party-givers can be held responsible when minors drink. The holiday party season has officially kicked-off. Guests are ready to be dazzled and hosts are busily planning their menus and attending to every sparkling detail to make it an event to remember. Drinks will probably be served and when minors are present, things can get tricky. Under... Read Article

3 Common Insurance Misconceptions

How to Avoid Surprises From Your Insurance   When it comes to insurance, there are many misconceptions floating around—too many to cover in this short article. Here are three in particular that could put you at serious financial risk: Misconception 1: “I have an umbrella policy, so I’m covered for everything.” False. Though the intent of a personal umbrella policy is to provide an additional layer of... Read Article

Half of all teens will be involved in a crash before graduating from high school

And 96% of teen crashes will be caused by driver error A personal umbrella policy can help protect you. As new teen drivers hit the road this summer, a standalone personal umbrella policy with limits up to $10MM can help protect you. Mark's summer internship in the city was a dream come true for a 17-year-old — especially because he got to drive there in his... Read Article

Why 'Spending 15 Minutes or Less' Can Hurt You

Buying insurance is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Who you buy it from can be the difference between devastation and recovery when disaster strikes. We are grateful that you chose to buy through an independent insurance agent. Today’s TV and media ads bombard you with the message that purchasing insurance is as simple as grocery shopping. In truth, it’s not. You can’t... Read Article

The Coverage Gap: When Furnished a Company Vehicle

A common situation many of us find ourselves in today is the personal use of a company vehicle. When you are furnished a company vehicle, you are generally provided coverage to use that vehicle through your employer’s auto insurance policy. But your employer’s policy usually does not cover you if you then borrow or rent a vehicle to be used personally. If you also own... Read Article