Keep Your Toys Safe All Year Long

When you click the lock button on your car’s keyless remote, that beep gives you peace of mind that your car is safe. But when it comes to your motorcycle, RV or boat, locking up isn’t as simple. These tips from leading motorcycle, boat and RV insurer Progressive Insurance can help you feel confident that your toys are always protected, both in and out of season.


  • Remove temptation. In the off-season, make sure your toy is properly garaged or stored in an enclosed trailer or building. Out of sight means out of mind.
  • Lock up. When camping, RVers should make sure to lock all doors and windows and turn on a radio and small light when leaving for the night. Also, consider investing in a coupler lock, which can prevent someone from hooking up your trailer to a vehicle and driving off with it in tow. For motorcycles, a wheel lock prevents the tires from rotating and covers the lug nuts, keeping the wheels securely in place.
  • Check on it. To make sure your toy remains safe in the off-season, check on it regularly, or ask someone to check on it for you.

Protection from the Elements

  • Store it indoors. If you can, find a spot to store your toys indoors when you aren’t using them so that they’re safe from any weather damage.
  • Winterize it. At the end of the season, make any essential repairs to your boat or RV, turn off all battery switches, or remove the battery entirely. For trailers, store them on blocks if you can to protect the tires.
  • Seal it up. Avoid leaks and unwelcome critters by securing and sealing doors and windows on your boat or RV as well as properly covering it.


  • Make sure you’re covered. With the right insurance, you’ll be confident that you won’t have to miss a day on the road or water. Progressive offers specialized motorcycle, boat and RV insurance that can provide more coverage than if you just added them to your auto or homeowners policy.
  • Maintain your insurance year round. If you cancel your insurance in the off season, consider maintaining it all year. Most companies give loyal customers lower rates and reduced deductibles, and you’ll have the freedom to enjoy your toys 365 days a year.

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May 25th, 2016 by Hubbard Insurance Agency