Keeping Coverages Current

A home and its contents frequently represent a major portion of a person’s net worth. Failure to keep coverage current could result in a claim not being covered. Whose responsibility is it to maintain adequate insurance coverage? When all is said and done, it is the policyholder’s responsibility to review the policy regularly and inform his/her agent of any needed changes.

Your agent can search through the maze of complex coverages, advise you how to insure your property and help you with claim settlements, but you are the one best prepared to determine what you have that needs covered.

For instance, did you tell us about the remodeling project you did on your home or the jewelry you recently bought or inherited? Did you remember to tell us that you are now operating a business from your home? You need to notify your agent when changes like these occur.

Carefully consider the type and amount of liability coverage you need. Under the standard liability coverage, if a guest slips and falls on your wet patio, you would be covered for the individual’s medical expenses, your defense costs and a specified limit for actual damages. If the amount awarded exceeds your policy’s limits, however, your personal assets could be threatened. A personal umbrella could help you in this case. The umbrella liability policy typically affords $1 million liability coverage and blankets over your auto and home policy. This provides extra coverage if your auto and home policy limits are exhausted.

Don’t be complacent and just file your renewal away. Review your policy and make notes of needed changes or questions.

Call us for an appointment so we can review your policy and make sure you have the coverage that you expect.

May 27th, 2016 by Hubbard Insurance Agency