Overcome The Temptation: Don’t Drive Distracted

Do you text while driving? Or, check your e-mail? It’s tempting just to take a quick peek at a stop light-we know. But the data is mounting: driving distracted is serious and dangerous. Here are a few tips to help you overcome the temptation.

Lock your phone or other personal electronic device in the glove compartment. Why fight temptation? Just put the source away.

Let incoming calls go to voice mail while driving. Don’t even look to see who it is.
Don’t talk to other risky drivers. If someone calls you while they are obviously driving, say: “Please call back later.” Text messages are trickier: if they are obviously sent from the road, ignore them and (later) ask that driver to stop. Social disapproval is a good way to encourage others not to text while driving.

Pull over, if you must use your phone. If you really do need to talk to someone, or must use a device that requires your visual attention, pull off the road. If you’re on the highway and must place a call or send a text message, get off at the nearest exit. Also, weigh the risk of not calling (or doing the task) versus the risk of losing control and endangering others on the road or in your car.

Never, ever, text while driving, period. 

Think of safety when buying a new car. Automakers are putting more and more entertainment inside cars. Consider buying a car that has fewer of these and more safety devices. The car with more safety features may cost less to insure, too. We can let you know for sure what it will cost to insure a new car. Just give us a call when you’re shopping.

And remember, just be safe. Your personal auto insurance policy will help cover you when accidents happen, but insurance is about more than just financial protection. It’s about keeping your risk to a minimum—so that you don’t have that accident. And that’s why we wanted to remind you to keep your eyes on the road and stay safe.

Statistics show that driving distracted is causing more accidents than driving under the influence. This is scary at best. We care about the safety of our families and now is the time to talk to your teen who may be preparing to drive. Educate them about the dangers of texting and cell phone use while driving.

August 28th, 2015 by Hubbard Insurance Agency