Social Host Liability and Underage Drinking

Be a Holiday Hero

Under social host liability laws, party-givers can be held responsible when minors drink.

The holiday party season has officially kicked-off. Guests are ready to be dazzled and hosts are busily planning their menus and attending to every sparkling detail to make it an event to remember.

Drinks will probably be served and when minors are present, things can get tricky. Under social host liability laws, party-givers can be held responsible when they drink.

So before the fun begins, take a look at this quick explainer from CBS News about umbrellas (or our case study or infographic below) and see how critical they can be when claims occur.

Keep your hectic holiday bash — and beyond — as stress-free as possible by asking your agent for a standalone umbrella quote.

Real-World Story:
The Dane family’s annual holiday party was in full-swing. Neighbors, colleagues and dear family friends gathered together to toast the season. Ian Dane, 19, and his best childhood friends, Brendan and Tyler, both 20, were home from school and decided to make the holidays even happier by imbibing.
They blended into the crowd and no one noticed as they made their exit to head to a friend’s house.

Even though the men were legally drunk, Ian gave Brendan his car keys because, in their impaired state, they rationalized that Brendan should drive since he had been drinking less.

On the short drive, Brendan misjudged a bend in the road and slid into a street light at full speed.

All of the young men sustained serious injuries, including head injuries, lung collapse, broken ribs and multiple major fractures. In addition to a hospital stay, their recovery would take months of physical and cognitive therapy.

After Ian’s parent’s auto liability limits were exhausted, their standalone personal umbrella policy responded to cover their care. The policy is also covering defense costs for the family in ongoing litigation.

Claim: $825,000

What’s an umbrella policy?
• A policy that sits on top of your auto and homeowners/renters policies
• Kicks in after those limits are exhausted
• Protects your assets like property and future wages
• Includes specialized legal defense

What should I do if I’m hosting?
• Take a look at our “6 Steps to Secret Coverage You May Need” infographic
• Ask your agent to add a layer of up to $10 MM to your home + auto policies
• Check out the legal defense that comes with your policy — at no cost to you should the worst happen

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Policies start at about $25 a month

Figure based on nationwide average premium of a $1MM personal umbrella policy for 2 homes, 1 car, 1 driver. Premium billed annually. Names and identifying details in claims examples have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. This information is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or guarantee or imply a similar outcome. Underwriting criteria varies by state. Visit us online for guidelines. A.M. Best rating effective November 2016. For the latest rating, visit California Insurance License 0D08438

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December 28th, 2016 by Hubbard Insurance Agency