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Reduce Fall Driving Hazards

Don’t you love driving on the roads during autumn, when your regular commute often becomes a scenic drive? It’s very beautiful, but fall also marks the advent of other changes that can create safety issues on the road. These hazards include wet leaves, fog, sun glare, frost and even deer. However, you need not worry if you arm yourself with knowledge to reduce these risks. For example, consider wet leaves. They can be as slippery as black ice and may cover road markings and traffic...

Preventing Vehicle Theft Content provided by YouTube, NHTSA, and SafeCarTV:

Knowing When to Purchase Commercial Auto Insurance

Having the right kind of automobile insurance is important to insure you have the appropriate coverage in the event of a claim. If your vehicle is used for business purposes, then commercial auto insurance is the right type of insurance for you. Commercial auto insurance is similar to personal auto insurance and includes liability, collision, medical costs, uninsured motorists and comprehensive coverage. However, the commercial...