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Don't miss a Minute of Boat Season! Tips to get your Boat Ready for the Waves

Warm weather has come early in some parts of the country, making boat owners itching to get out on the water. I speak from experience, since I inherited a boat and will be putting it on the water this summer. It has been unseasonably warm in my part of the country and I can't wait for it to become the appropriate time to ride the... Read Article

Keeping Coverages Current

A home and its contents frequently represent a major portion of a person’s net worth. Failure to keep coverage current could result in a claim not being covered. Whose responsibility is it to maintain adequate insurance coverage? When all is said and done, it is the policyholder’s responsibility to review the policy regularly and inform his/her agent of any needed changes. Your agent can search through the maze of complex coverages, advise you... Read Article

Keep Your Toys Safe All Year Long

When you click the lock button on your car’s keyless remote, that beep gives you peace of mind that your car is safe. But when it comes to your motorcycle, RV or boat, locking up isn’t as simple. These tips from leading motorcycle, boat and RV insurer Progressive Insurance can help you feel confident that your toys are always protected, both in and out of... Read Article

Commercial Property Coverage

Coverage under the commercial property (CP) policy is for property only. A separate policy form provides liability. The CP policy covers buildings, the insured’s personal property, and under certain circumstances, personal property of others. For coverage to apply, there must be a limit shown in the declarations for that type of property. Insurance contract interpretation relies on meanings disclosed in common usage dictionaries, unless the... Read Article

Safe Driving Tips

Whether you’re making a quick trip to the grocery store or heading off on a cross-country road trip, the road can be full of unexpected obstacles. Even if you’re a safe driver with a reliable vehicle, you never know when a flat tire or car accident could derail your plans. Leading car insurer Progressive offers these tips to avoid getting stranded: Practice cell phone safety.... Read Article