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Winter Home Maintenance Tips

As winter nears, make sure your home is prepared to withstand another season of cold temperatures, driving winds and icy conditions. The maintenance that you do today can help prevent more costly emergency repairs in the height of a storm, when it can be difficult to find supplies and licensed contractors. Following are five important categories to focus on for this winter: Download the Winter... Read Article

Money-Saving Tips for the Holidays

It’s almost impossible to make it through the holidays without facing at least one potential budget-buster. Whether it’s taking a family trip, hosting a celebration or simply getting all of your loved ones a gift, the spending opportunities in November and December are seemingly endless. If you’re tired of feeling like your finances are doing too much giving and not enough receiving this time of... Read Article

Is there a GAP in your insurance policy?

  Understanding Common Gaps in Insurance Coverage To find out what the most common gaps are, Safeco Insurance sought the advice of their claims professionals. They quickly focused on these three common insurance gaps. 3 Common Insurance Gaps All three shared a similar feature: a misconception that can lead to inadequate coverage. #1 Valuable articles coverage: Misconception - If my wedding ring and grandma's heirloom... Read Article

Fall Maintenance Tips

Prepare Your Home for Cooler Days Ahead. Fall foliage is beautiful, but not when it builds up in your gutters! Take these tips into account during the cool autumn months. Have your furnace cleaned and inspected annually by a qualified technician. Keep flammable materials, including all lawn and power equipment, away from water heaters and wiring in the basement. Insulate water pipes in areas exposed... Read Article

How to Help Prevent Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can present an invisible threat – one that you might not recognize until the weather starts to warm. By then, the water damage can be significant and costly. Fortunately, keeping your home warmer, at a consistent temperature, and better insulated can help protect your pipes from freezing this winter. Which Pipes are Most at Risk? Pipes that are most exposed to the elements,... Read Article