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Help! I'm Paying too Much for Car Insurance

5 Reasons Why Your Auto Insurance Rates May Seem High I hear it from drivers from all walks of life: “I’m paying too much for car insurance.” Seems we all know someone who’s paying way less, and we want to cut our own rates, too. As independent insurance agents, we can check with multiple carriers on your behalf to find out if you may indeed... Read Article

Driving on Black Ice

Although snow can make winter driving difficult, it's not the real threat. Icy roads are one of the top causes of car accidents in the United States, and cause hundreds of deaths each year. It's easy to lose control of your car when the roads are icy, and is difficult to gain control again. There aren't any fool-proof ways to avoid black ice, but you... Read Article

Preventing Deer Collisions

We have already assisted several of our clients with deer accidents this year.  While deer accidents are often unavoidable, there are things you can do to minimize the risk. Listed below are 5 Tips to Avoid Hitting a Deer:   Watch for multiple Deer. They rarely travel alone. If a deer crosses in front of you, chances are there are others nearby. Slow down and keep... Read Article

Reduce Fall Driving Hazards

Don’t you love driving on the roads during autumn, when your regular commute often becomes a scenic drive? It’s very beautiful, but fall also marks the advent of other changes that can create safety issues on the road. These hazards include wet leaves, fog, sun glare, frost and even deer. However, you need not worry if you arm yourself with knowledge to reduce these risks. For example, consider wet leaves. They can be as slippery as black ice and may cover road markings and traffic... Read Article

After the Storm, is Your Food Still Safe?

Food Safety in a Power Outage The wind is howling. The rain is coming down in sheets. The power goes out for a few hours. And, then everything’s fine — except, maybe, all that food in your fridge and freezer. The question is: Should you eat it or toss it? The answer: It depends – on a lot of factors, actually. To help you determine... Read Article