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How Cold Weather Affects Tire Pressure

From corrosive road salt to slick roads, winter creates many challenges for drivers. Another one to add to the list? Tire pressure tips caused by lower temperatures. Your tires require a certain amount of air pressure measured in pounds per square inch (psi) to work properly. The recommended psi is usually listed on a sticker in the jamb of the driver’s side door and/or in... Read Article

Getting Your Furnace Ready for the Winter

Let's admit it, summer is definitely the most cheery season of the year. That warm, sunny weather boosts our mood and allows us to go on adventures wrapped in the warmth of the sun. But hey, winter has its perks too! Think of all those holiday parties, tasty treats and snow forts! Or maybe you prefer a warm, cozy night watching your favorite movie or... Read Article

Do Your Part to Help Keep Halloween Safe and Happy

Halloween Safety Tips for Big Kids With Halloween approaching, you've likely seen those lists of safety tips for trick-or-treaters. You may remember the drill: Stick to familiar neighborhoods, carry glow sticks and flashlights, don't eat any of the goodies until you get them home for inspection. But, what about the rest of us, the ones escorting kids from door to door, or the ones answering... Read Article

Snowbirds: Winterize Your Home While You're Away

If you are a snowbird heading south for the winter, there are several key things you can do to help protect your vacant home. Taking these steps can help protect your home from theft, water damage, heating or electrical system malfunctions and other possible threats while you are away for an extended period of time. Download the Preparing Your Vacant Home Checklist PDF > 1. Make... Read Article

Nine Reasons to Check Your Insurance Coverage

As our lives change, so do our insurance needs. Here are some examples of when to check your coverage: 1. You’re remodeling or building an addition to your property. In some cases, remodeling projects can increase your home’s reconstruction cost and you may want to adjust your homeowners insurance coverage. (Whenever you hire a contractor, be sure you request a certificate of insurance to confirm... Read Article