Tag: Texting And Driving

Overcome The Temptation: Don't Drive Distracted

Do you text while driving? Or, check your e-mail? It's tempting just to take a quick peek at a stop light-we know. But the data is mounting: driving distracted is serious and dangerous. Here are a few tips to help you overcome the temptation. Lock your phone or other personal electronic device in the glove compartment. Why fight temptation? Just put the source away. Let incoming calls go... Read Article

Recent Survey Says Drivers Have Bad Habits

In a recent poll by a leading insurance company, American drivers admit to some very bad habits behind the wheel, all while rating themselves as very good or excellent drivers. Their overconfidence in their driving abilities no doubt lends to their feeling they can engage in unsafe practices. The survey reveals the following: • 89 percent admit to driving faster than the posted speed limit,... Read Article