Tenant Improvements

When a tenant makes permanent improvements to a leased building, the improvements usually become the property of the building owner. The tenant gains the ability to use and enjoy the improvement or betterment during the period of the lease.

Examples of improvements could be air conditioning, office partitions, lighting fixtures, or special electrical or plumbing installations necessary to run your business.

The commercial property policy defines improvements and betterments as “fixtures, alterations, installations or additions that are made a part of the building that is occupied but not owned by the named insured, and the named insured acquires or makes at his expense but cannot legally remove.”

If there is a loss and the improvements are damaged, what has the tenant lost if the building improvement actually belongs to the building owner?

The tenant has lost the “use interest” in the improvement. It is a possible loss of use of the improvement that gives a tenant an insurable interest.

Coverage for improvements and betterments are automatically included since the business personal property section of the commercial property policy actually refers to a named insured’s “use interest” as tenant in improvements and betterments.

It is important when determining a limit for business personal property to consider the value of improvements and betterments.

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Source: Inside Insurance

May 9th, 2016 by Hubbard Insurance Agency