When is Your Auto Covered by Your Homeowner Policy?

Picture6 smallMost people would say never, and they would be right, except for one little exception. For obvious reasons, the homeowner policy was never meant to insure vehicles. It would seem that this concept is pretty simple, but there are times when you are dealing with parts or pieces of the vehicle. When the snow tires are removed from the vehicle, do they still fall into the definition of vehicle?

Upon reviewing the homeowner policy, we see that while there is clearly no intention on the insurer’s part to cover your vehicle for property or liability coverage, insurers have thought of everything. They recognize that not all things fit into a tidy little package. What if you are restoring a classic car? This labor of love has already taken you two years with no end in sight. The interior is lying in one corner of your garage and you just installed fancy new wheels and tires. You haven’t considered insurance on this vehicle because of its state of deconstruction, and you felt that since you didn’t drive this vehicle, and it was simply stored in your garage, that you should have coverage.

After you have a fire in your garage, you are surprised when your adjuster tells you that the car’s interior stored in the garage is covered, but those new wheels and tires you just installed and the vehicle itself are not covered. The homeowner policy excludes vehicles, including their equipment or their parts, while in or upon the vehicle or conveyance. Since the car’s interior was not in or on the vehicle, there was coverage for those parts of the car.

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February 15th, 2016 by Hubbard Insurance Agency